Locality: Guildford

Occupation: Solicitor

Age: 66

Locality: Ermington

Occupation: Director

Age: 74

Locality: Portsmouth

Occupation: Clerk To The Skinners Company

Age: 79

Locality: Carshalton

Occupation: Headteacher

Age: 55

Locality: Aylesbury

Occupation: Artist

Age: 51

Locality: Bristol

Occupation: Property Restorer

Locality: Bishopstow

Occupation: Social Worker

Age: 49

Locality: Letchworth Garden City

Occupation: Contract Caterer

Age: 65

Locality: Chelmsford

Occupation: Engineer

Age: 48

Locality: Harpenden

Occupation: None

Age: 91

Locality: Hemel Hempstead

Occupation: Retired Head Teacher

Age: 71

Locality: Gateshead

Occupation: Ceo Of Market Research Agency

Age: 44