The DirectorStats database includes a single professional named Zofia Anna Zimand. Born in July 1952 Zofia Anna Zimand is 65 years old. We found 14 filings mentioning Zofia. Examples of these filings include an officers category filing filed on the 20th of May 2011, an accounts filing filed on the 3rd of October 2010, and "an annual return" category filing filed on the 23rd of May 2011. This British national has held a single position so far - at The Polish Catholic Mission (address: 2 Devonia Road, Islington, DE22 1BB, Derby) as a director. This director worked with: Robert Wisniowski in The Polish Catholic Mission, Reverend Roman Werner in The Polish Catholic Mission, Richard Wojciech Tobiasiewicz, Andrzej Kazimierz Maria Szkuta, Very Reverend Stefan Szymon Wylezek. Zofia Anna was appointed for the position of director at The Polish Catholic Mission on the 2nd of June 2010. This company was incorporated on the 13th of April 2007 under the identification number 2976134.

Zofia Anna Zimand, Solicitor from Derby

Director at:
The Polish Catholic Mission
Occupation: Solicitor
Appointment Date: 2010/06/02
Address: 2 Devonia Road

N1 8JJ
United Kingdom
Date of Incorporation: 2007/04/13
Name: Zofia Anna Zimand
Date of Birth: July 1952
Age: 65
Nationality: British
Country of residence: United Kingdom
Address: Derby
United Kingdom
DE22 1BB
Update: 2017-08-08
Work History
Company name Role From To
The Polish Catholic Mission director 2 June 2010 current
The Polish Catholic Mission
Incorporation date: 2007-04-13
Category: Pri/lbg/nsc (private, Limited By Guarantee, No Share Capital, Use Of 'limited' Exemption)
Address: 2 Devonia Road
N1 8JJ
United Kingdom
Standard Industrial Classification: 94910 - Activities of religious organizations
Filings (free download)
New director appointment on Friday 20th May 2011: Zofia Anna Zimand
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Name Occupation From To
The Polish Catholic Mission
Robert Wisniowski Accountant 2010/09/23 2013/09/24
Reverend Roman Werner Priest 2007/04/13 2016/06/21
Richard Wojciech Tobiasiewicz Business Analyst Retired 2007/04/13 2016/06/21
Andrzej Kazimierz Maria Szkuta Consultant 2014/04/03 2016/04/01
Very Reverend Stefan Szymon Wylezek Rector 2010/03/01 2013/03/20
Very Reverend Stefan Szymon Wylezek Rector 2010/03/01  
Reverend Krzysztof Tyliszczak Priest 2010/06/02  
Nelly Langer Financial Controller 2016/09/13  
Rev Rafal Marcin Jaroslawski Priest 2016/09/13  
Rev Romuald Tadeusz Szczodrowski Priest 2016/09/13  
Rev Janusz Tworek   2013/12/04  
Maria Aleksandra Rejman Administration Retired 2012/06/12  
Zygmunt John Green Computer Analyst 2010/06/28  
Reverend Jerzy Januszkiewicz Priest 2007/04/13 2012/03/21
Very Reverend Monsignor Wladyslaw Wyszowadzki Priest 2007/04/13 2016/06/21
Zenon Handzel Company Director 2010/03/02  
Anna Maria Gebski   2013/03/20 2016/09/20

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