The DirectorStats database includes only one person called Yoshiyuki Hata. We found 4 filings mentioning Yoshiyuki. Examples of these filings include an accounts category filing filed on the 8th of September 2004, an annual return filing filed on the 21st of July 2004, and "an annual return" category filing filed on the 21st of July 2004. This Japanese national has held one position so far - at Norinchukin Bank(The) (address: 13-2, 1-chome, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Hyoho-Ken) as a director. This director worked with: Yoshinori Yasuda in Norinchukin Bank(The), Naoaki Yamazaki in Norinchukin Bank(The), Hirofumi Ueno, Yoshio Tsutsumi, Hajime Tsurumi. Yoshiyuki was appointed for the position of director at Norinchukin Bank(The) on the 26th of June 2002. This company was started on the 26th of April 1991 under the identification number 2125315.

Yoshiyuki Hata, Company Director from Hyoho-Ken

Former Director at:
Norinchukin Bank(The)
Occupation: Company Director
Appointment Date: 2002/06/26
Resignation Date: 2005/06/24
Address: 13-2, 1-chome
Tokyo 100

Date of Incorporation: 1991/04/26
Name: Yoshiyuki Hata
Date of Birth: January 1949
Nationality: Japanese
Address: Hyoho-Ken
Update: 2018-01-08
Work History
Company name Role From To
Norinchukin Bank(The) director 26 June 2002 24 June 2005
Norinchukin Bank(The)
Incorporation date: 1991-04-26
Category: Other Company Type
Address: 13-2, 1-chome
Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 100

Filings (free download)
Full group accounts for the period to Wed, 31st Mar 2004
pdf (90 pages)
Name Occupation From To
Norinchukin Bank(The)
Yoshinori Yasuda Company Director 2003/06/26 2006/06/27
Naoaki Yamazaki Company Director 2002/06/27 2007/06/26
Hirofumi Ueno Company Director 2000/09/19 2009/03/31
Yoshio Tsutsumi Company Director 2000/06/27 2003/06/26
Hajime Tsurumi Company Director 2001/06/27 2003/06/26
Masanobu Takatani Company Director 2004/06/25 2009/06/25
Noboru Shibata Company Director 2004/06/25 2006/06/27
Junji Sato Company Director 2001/06/27 2007/06/26
Eiichi Sato Company Director 1999/06/25 2003/06/26
Mchisato Sakamoto Company Director 1999/06/25 2003/06/26
Akira Ozaki Company Director 2005/06/24 2008/06/23
Yasuo Okada Company Director 2002/06/26 2004/06/25
Iwao Ohtawa Company Director 1998/06/25 2004/06/25
Wataru Nemoto Company Director 2005/06/24 2008/03/31
Hiroshi Matsumoto Company Director 2005/06/24 2010/06/25
Mutsuo Masuda Company Director 2000/06/27 2005/06/24
Shizuharu Kubono Company Director 2003/06/26 2007/06/26
Hirohisa Ishihara Company Director 1993/06/30 2002/06/26
Shinya Morita Company Director 1999/06/25 2002/06/26
Akira Yusa Director 1997/06/26 2002/06/26
Yoshio Kono President And Chief Executive Officer 2001/06/27  
Takashi Kato Company Director 2003/06/26 2007/06/26
Mitsuru Hotta Company Director 2003/06/26 2006/06/25
Kimikazu Noumi Company Director 1999/06/25 2004/06/25
Takeshi Katayama Company Director 2002/06/26 2005/06/24

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