The DirectorStats database includes one officer called Vladislav Riabiouk. Born in August 1966 Vladislav Riabiouk is 51 years old. We found 6 filings mentioning Vladislav. Examples of these filings include an officers category filing filed on the 6th of October 2014, an officers filing filed on the 21st of May 2012, and "an accounts" category filing filed on the 24th of September 2014. This LLP member worked with: Richard Jacques Seesen Lee in New Amsterdam Llp, Pramal Rajni Patel in New Amsterdam Llp, Aly Hirji, Jeroen Antoine Zuurmond, John Reed Seal. Vladislav was appointed for the position of LLP member at New Amsterdam Llp on the 8th of February 2012. The company was started on the 12th of August 2003 under the identification number 2091164.

Vladislav Riabiouk

Former Llp member at:
New Amsterdam Llp
Appointment Date: 2012-02-08
Resignation Date: 2014-10-03
Address: 20 Balderton Street

United Kingdom
Date of Incorporation: 2003-08-12
Name: Vladislav Riabiouk
Date of Birth: August 1966
Age: 51
Country of residence: Russia
Update: 2017-11-03
Work History
Company name Role From To
New Amsterdam Llp llp-member 8 February 2012 3 October 2014
New Amsterdam Llp
Incorporation date: 2003-08-12
Category: Limited Liability Partnership
Address: 20 Balderton Street

United Kingdom
Filings (free download)
Vladislav Riabiouk director appointment termination on Friday 3rd October 2014
pdf (1 page)
New director appointment on Monday 21st May 2012: Mr Vladislav Riabiouk
pdf (2 pages)
Full accounts data made up to Tuesday 31st December 2013
pdf (17 pages)
Annual return made up to Tuesday 12th August 2014
pdf (6 pages)
Full accounts data made up to Monday 31st December 2012
pdf (16 pages)
Annual return made up to Monday 12th August 2013
pdf (7 pages)
Name Occupation From To
New Amsterdam Llp
Richard Jacques Seesen Lee   2009-04-01 2014-10-03
Pramal Rajni Patel   2009-04-01 2014-10-03
Aly Hirji   2009-04-28 2014-06-17
Jeroen Antoine Zuurmond   2003-08-12 2014-10-03
John Reed Seal   2003-08-12 2014-10-03
Simon Lucian Richards   2009-05-08 2014-02-13
Donald John Procter   2003-08-12 2014-10-03
Roger Charles Clement   2012-05-04 2013-01-31
Nataliya Tetruyeva   2012-02-08 2014-10-03

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