The DirectorStats database includes one professional called Nobuhiro Habuto. We found 7 filings mentioning Nobuhiro. Examples of these filings include an officers category filing filed on the 10th of May 2012, an officers filing filed on the 2nd of December 2010, and "an officers" category filing filed on the 25th of November 2008. This Japanese national has held one position so far - at Nhk Cosmomedia (Europe) Limited (address: Quick House, 65 Clifton Street, N12 7AL, London) as a director. This director worked with: Takashi Takizawa in Nhk Cosmomedia (Europe) Limited, Misuyoshi Ota in Nhk Cosmomedia (Europe) Limited, Toshiro Okada, Yutaka Nomura, Yasuaki Nishimura. Nobuhiro was appointed as a director at Nhk Cosmomedia (Europe) Limited on the 14th of June 2007. This company was started on the 8th of November 1989 under the ID 2106479.

Nobuhiro Habuto, Director from London

Former Director at:
Nhk Cosmomedia (Europe) Limited
Occupation: Director
Appointment Date: 2007-06-14
Resignation Date: 2011-06-13
Address: Quick House

United Kingdom
Date of Incorporation: 1989-11-08
Name: Nobuhiro Habuto
Date of Birth: September 1947
Nationality: Japanese
Address: London
United Kingdom
N12 7AL
Update: 2017-11-20
Work History
Company name Role From To
Nhk Cosmomedia (Europe) Limited director 14 June 2007 13 June 2011
Nhk Cosmomedia (Europe) Limited
Incorporation date: 1989-11-08
Category: Private Limited Company
Address: Quick House
65 Clifton Street
United Kingdom
Standard Industrial Classification: 61900 - Other telecommunications activities
Filings (free download)
Director's appointment terminated on 2012/05/10: Nobuhiro Habuto
pdf (2 pages)
On 2010/07/17 Nobuhiro Habuto director's details were changed
pdf (3 pages)
Director's change of particulars / nobuhiro habuto / 01/08/2008
pdf (1 page)
Annual return with complete list of members, drawn up to 2010/11/08
pdf (14 pages)
Full accounts for the period ending 2010/03/31
pdf (25 pages)
Annual return with complete list of members, drawn up to 2009/11/08
pdf (18 pages)
Full accounts for the period ending 2009/03/31
pdf (23 pages)
Name Occupation From To
Nhk Cosmomedia (Europe) Limited
Takashi Takizawa Director 2010-06-14 2011-09-22
Misuyoshi Ota Director 2006-05-12 2009-05-16
Toshiro Okada Director 2007-06-14 2010-06-14
Yutaka Nomura Managing Director 2009-04-14 2011-04-01
Yasuaki Nishimura Director 2005-07-12 2009-06-15
Katsuhito Nishihori Director 2006-05-12 2009-04-01
Masafumi Mochizuki Director 2011-06-13 2014-07-14
Naoya Kato Director 2011-06-13 2013-07-29
Hiroshi Akiyama Managing Director 2003-07-11 2007-06-14
Yasuhiro Nakaki   2006-05-12 2008-06-02
Jun Matsuda   2008-06-02 2013-04-01
Akiyoshi Yoshizawa Director 2010-04-01 2012-07-01
Masao Watari Director 2007-06-14 2010-04-01
Hiroshi Watanabe Director 2005-05-27 2014-02-28
Shingo Tsuda Director 2011-04-01 2013-04-01
Shigemasa Sonobe Director 2006-05-12 2009-04-14
Torao Shirota Director 2006-06-13 2007-06-14
Isao Kitamoto Director 2006-05-12 2008-01-31
Satoshi Kikuchi Director 2009-05-16 2012-06-01
Tetsuo Hiraga Director 2010-06-14 2011-12-12
Yukihiko Amagi Director 2004-06-16 2007-06-14
Takao Gunji Director 2009-06-15 2011-06-13
Hiroshi Akiyama Director 2008-02-01 2010-06-14

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