The DirectorStats database includes one officer called Katie Dickie. Born in August 1986 Katie Dickie is 30 years old. We have 23 filings mentioning Katie. Examples of these filings include an annual return category filing filed on the 24th of August 2006, an accounts filing filed on the 7th of December 2006, and "an accounts" category filing filed on the 30th of April 2007. This British national has held a single position so far - at Yellowthread Limited (address: Midland House, 2 Poole Road, BH2 5QY, Bournemouth) as a director. This director worked with: Charlotte Louise Mason in Yellowthread Limited, John William Henry Juddery in Yellowthread Limited, Eloise Claire Mason, John Mason, Richard James Thomas. Katie was appointed as a director at Yellowthread Limited on the 1st of April 2006. The company was started on the 23rd of June 2003 under the number 3289882.

Katie Dickie, Director from Bournemouth

Director at:
Yellowthread Limited
Occupation: Director
Appointment Date: 2006-04-01
Address: Midland House
United Kingdom
Date of Incorporation: 2003-06-23
Name: Katie Dickie
Date of Birth: August 1986
Age: 30
Nationality: British
Country of residence: United Kingdom
Address: Bournemouth
United Kingdom
Update: 2017-04-03
Work History
Company name Role From To
Yellowthread Limited director 1 April 2006 current
Yellowthread Limited
Incorporation date: 2003-06-23
Category: Private Limited Company
Address: Midland House
2 Poole Road
United Kingdom
Standard Industrial Classification: 73200 - Market research and public opinion polling
Filings (free download)
Period up to August 24, 2006 - Annual return with full member list
pdf (7 pages)
Period up to July 5, 2007 - Annual return with full member list
pdf (7 pages)
Accounting reference date extended from 30/06/07 to 30/09/07
pdf (1 page)
Period up to July 14, 2008 - Annual return with full member list
pdf (4 pages)
Period up to August 12, 2009 - Annual return with full member list
pdf (5 pages)
Name Occupation From To
Yellowthread Limited
Charlotte Louise Mason   2003-06-23 2007-08-01
John William Henry Juddery   2007-08-01 2016-09-15
Eloise Claire Mason Company Director 2013-09-10  
Charlotte Louise Mason Administrator 2006-04-01  
John Mason Director 2007-07-27  
Richard James Thomas Director 2003-06-23 2006-04-01

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Laurence Dickie (Brighton, age 57)
Colin Dickie (Castlebridge, age 55)
Johanna Dickie (London, age 53)
Katherine Dickie (Cramlington)
Iain Dickie (Oxford, age 38)
Martin Dickie (Coventry, age 50)
William Dickie (Eastbourne, age 57)