The DirectorStats database includes one professional named Jenny Teresa Hare. Born in January 1970 Jenny Teresa Hare is 48 years old. We found 6 filings mentioning Jenny. Examples of these filings include an officers category filing filed on the 30th of July 2012, an officers filing filed on the 22nd of July 2010, and "an accounts" category filing filed on the 27th of July 2017. This British national has held a single position so far - at Osborne Court Limited (address: Flat 5 Osborne Court, 154 Osborne Road, S8 8QJ, Sheffield) as a director. This director worked with: Angela Mary Tod in Osborne Court Limited, Margaret Ann Svensgaard in Osborne Court Limited, Michael Ray Spilling, Richard Smith, Margaret Scott. Jenny Teresa was appointed as a director at Osborne Court Limited on the 22nd of June 1998. This company was incorporated on the 13th of January 1982 under the identification number 2198321.

Jenny Teresa Hare, Bank Clerk from Sheffield

Director at:
Osborne Court Limited
Occupation: Bank Clerk
Appointment Date: Mon, 22nd Jun 1998
Address: Flat 5 Osborne Court

S11 9BB
United Kingdom
Date of Incorporation: Wed, 13th Jan 1982
Name: Jenny Teresa Hare
Date of Birth: January 1970
Age: 48
Nationality: British
Country of residence: England
Address: Sheffield
S8 8QJ
Update: 2017-11-06
Work History
Company name Role From To
Osborne Court Limited director 22 June 1998 current
Osborne Court Limited
Incorporation date: 1982-01-13
Category: Private Limited Company
Address: Flat 5 Osborne Court
154 Osborne Road
S11 9BB
United Kingdom
Standard Industrial Classification: 98000 - Residents property management
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On 2012/02/01 Jenny Teresa Hare director's details were changed
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On 2010/07/04 Jenny Teresa Hare director's details were changed
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Accounts for a micro company for the period ending on 2017/02/28
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Total exemption full accounts record for the accounting period up to 2016/02/28
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Total exemption full accounts record for the accounting period up to 2015/02/28
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Annual return drawn up to 2015/07/04 with full list of members
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Name Occupation From To
Osborne Court Limited
Angela Mary Tod Nurse Fri, 22nd Aug 1997 Fri, 1st Jun 2007
Margaret Ann Svensgaard   Thu, 4th Jul 1991 Tue, 28th Apr 2009
Michael Ray Spilling Civil Engineer Fri, 10th Nov 2000 Fri, 27th Jun 2003
Richard Smith Building Contractor Fri, 28th May 1999 Fri, 8th Dec 2000
Margaret Scott   Fri, 31st May 1996 Mon, 26th Nov 2007
Mark Sant Aircrew Fri, 27th Jun 2003 Thu, 10th Mar 2005
Judith Janet Sandford Nurse Thu, 4th Jul 1991 Thu, 9th Nov 2000
Kathleen Reilly   Thu, 4th Jul 1991 Tue, 20th May 2008
Winifred Annie Martin   Mon, 14th Sep 1998 Thu, 13th Sep 2001
Reginald Martin   Thu, 4th Jul 1991 Mon, 14th Sep 1998
Doctor Tobias Christoph Langheinrich Neurologist Fri, 26th Oct 2001 Fri, 15th Jul 2011
Keith Alfred Hutchinson Works Director (Cutlery) Thu, 4th Jul 1991 Mon, 8th Aug 2011
Claire Helen Hatcliffe Customer Care Manager Fri, 7th Aug 1998 Fri, 26th Oct 2001
Sharon Joy Davies Company Secretary Thu, 13th Sep 2001 Thu, 4th Jul 2013
Frank Cooper Horizontal Borer Tue, 19th Nov 1991 Sat, 11th Mar 2000
Rhoda Christine Carter Unemployed Thu, 4th Jul 1991 Fri, 30th May 2008
Mary Mcintosh Bainbridge   Thu, 4th Jul 1991 Wed, 7th Oct 1998
Sally Elizabeth Arbouin Housewife Tue, 19th Oct 2010 Wed, 10th Jul 2013
James Weldon Toolmaker Thu, 4th Jul 1991  
Gordon Charles Smeeton   Wed, 16th Jul 2003  
Linda Platts Social Worker Wed, 30th Aug 1995  
Enid Penney   Fri, 1st Jul 2011  
Patricia Kettell   Thu, 4th Jul 1991  
Jason Keens Designer Fri, 1st Jul 2011  
Ruth Angharad Jenkins Administration Fri, 4th Dec 2015  
Stephen Jago   Thu, 12th Dec 2013  
Anthony Hutchinson Publican Mon, 8th Aug 2011  
John David Lee Scott   Thu, 1st Jan 1970 Thu, 1st Feb 2018
Hussain Afrazeh Cafe Owner Fri, 27th Mar 2015  
Phillip Jervis Brown Retired Engineer Thu, 15th Jun 2017  
Michelle Louise Carter Company Director Thu, 15th Jun 2017  
Jeanette Gladys Cooper   Sat, 11th Mar 2000  
Lilian Iris Perry   Thu, 4th Jul 1991 Mon, 31st Oct 2005
Dr Dipak Patel Biologist Fri, 14th Feb 2003  
Kath Taylor Receptionist/Telephonist Thu, 4th Jul 1991  
Peter Melvyn Waterman Weights Measures Inspector Thu, 4th Jul 1991  
Kevin Ian Jaffray Systems Analyst Thu, 4th Jul 1991 Fri, 10th Nov 2000
Jed Furniss Estate Agent Thu, 7th Dec 2000 Mon, 12th Nov 2007
Joanne Louise Gardner Dress Designer Thu, 10th Mar 2005  
Merrilyne Afrazeh   Thu, 4th Jul 2013 Thu, 27th Mar 2014
Gill Mary Kelsall Nutritionist Sat, 29th Sep 2001 Thu, 15th Jun 2017
Raymond Wiley Builder Thu, 4th Jul 1991 Fri, 14th Feb 2003
Donald Brougton Lyon   Mon, 31st Oct 2005  
John David Lee Scott   Thu, 4th Jul 1991  
Judith Mary Shaw   Thu, 1st Oct 2009  
Eileen Appleby   Thu, 4th Jul 1991 Sun, 9th Feb 2003
Anthony John Morris   Thu, 12th Nov 2009  
Andrew Rees Engineer Sat, 29th Nov 1997  
Andrew Charles Buck Property Owner Thu, 9th Nov 2000  
Dorothy Patricia Turner Housewife Fri, 11th Mar 1994 Fri, 28th May 1999
Adrian Ward Pensions Admin Analyst Fri, 4th Dec 1998 Sat, 29th Sep 2001

Other directors
Craig Hare (London, age 54)
Pamela Hare (London)
Darrell Hare (London, age 44)
John Hare (London, age 57)
John Hare (Milton Keynes, age 67)
Maurice Hare (Bury St Edmunds)
Palwinder Hare (London, age 56)
Edward Hare (Aylsham)