The DirectorStats database includes only one professional named Giuseppe Gazzoni Frascara. Born in October 1935 Giuseppe Gazzoni Frascara is 82 years old. We have 43 filings mentioning Giuseppe. Examples of these filings include an incorporation category filing filed on the 22nd of December 1994, an accounts filing filed on the 29th of March 1995, and "an accounts" category filing filed on the 2nd of May 1996. This Italian national has held one position so far - at Assicurazioni Generali-societa Per Azioni (address: Branch Registration, Refer To Parent Registry, FOREIGN, Bologna) as a director. This director worked with: Carlos Zurita Delgado in Assicurazioni Generali-societa Per Azioni, Massimo Zanzi in Assicurazioni Generali-societa Per Azioni, Wilhelm Winterstein, Guido Rossi, Emanuele Romanin Jacur. Giuseppe was appointed as a director at Assicurazioni Generali-societa Per Azioni on the 25th of June 1994. The company started its operations on the 1st of January 1993 under the number 272471.

Giuseppe Gazzoni Frascara, Industrialist from Bologna

Former Director at:
Assicurazioni Generali-societa Per Azioni
Occupation: Industrialist
Appointment Date: 1994/06/25
Resignation Date: 2002/04/26
Address: Branch Registration


Date of Incorporation: 1993/01/01
Name: Giuseppe Gazzoni Frascara
Date of Birth: October 1935
Age: 82
Nationality: Italian
Address: Bologna
Italy 40125
Update: 2017-11-09
Work History
Company name Role From To
Assicurazioni Generali-societa Per Azioni director 25 June 1994 26 April 2002
Assicurazioni Generali-societa Per Azioni
Incorporation date: 1993-01-01
Category: Other Company Type
Address: Branch Registration
Refer To Parent Registry


Filings (free download)
Name Occupation From To
Assicurazioni Generali-societa Per Azioni
Carlos Zurita Delgado Doctor 2001/04/28 2003/04/26
Massimo Zanzi Entrepeneur 1998/06/27 2001/04/28
Wilhelm Winterstein Banker 1989/06/24 2004/04/24
Guido Rossi Lawyer 1986/06/28 1999/04/30
Emanuele Romanin Jacur Industrialist 1966/02/07 1995/02/20
Arturo Romanin Jacur Industrial Director 1995/06/24 2003/04/26
Klaus-Peter Muller Banker 2001/04/28 2010/04/24
Piergaetano Marchetti Notary-Professor 2000/04/29 2007/04/28
Luigi Lucchini Industrialist 1992/06/27 2001/04/28
Karl Kornis Insurer 1992/06/27 1997/09/22
Dr Reinfried Franz Jur Pohl Director 2001/04/28 2010/04/24
Georges Hervet Banker 1992/06/27 2004/04/24
Gianfranco Gutty Insurer 1991/05/14 2004/04/24
Enzo Grilli University Professor 2001/04/28 2006/10/29
Fabio Fegitz Insurer 1990/05/11 1995/06/24
Emilio Dusi Insurer 1977/06/25 2003/04/26
Alfonso Desiata Insurer 1978/06/24 2001/04/28
Raffaello De Banfield-tripcovich Ownership 1977/12/19 1994/08/01
Eugenio Coppola Di Canzano Insurer 1991/07/01 2001/04/28
Luigi Coccioli Banker 1983/09/27 1995/06/24
Francesco Cingano Banker 1980/06/28 2003/04/26
Fabio Cerchiai Managing Director 1998/01/10 2003/04/26
Antoine Bernheim Banker 1973/05/29 2010/04/24
Dr Tito Bastianello   1995/06/24 2005/09/13
Raymond Barre Deputy Assemble Nationale 1995/06/24 2004/04/24
Sergio Balbinot Managing Director Of Generali 2000/02/04 2012/11/08
Count Mario Tripcovich Ship Owner 1963/05/16  
Balella Giovanni Industrialist 1963/05/16  
Baroncini Gino (Chairman) Insurer 1963/05/16  
Pellegrino Ghigi Ambassador 1963/05/16  
Carlo Galli Ambassador 1963/05/16  
Stanislao Fusco Banker 1963/05/16  
Giancarlo Fre' (Vice Chairman) Professor 1963/05/16  
Count Marco Da Zara Di Serra Rentier 1963/05/16  
Alberto D'agostino Banker 1963/05/16  
Feliciano Benvenuti Lawyer 1993/06/04  
Giacomo Baldissera Barrister 1963/05/16  
Guido Pastori   1979/06/30  
Guiseppe Stefani   1963/05/16  
Felippo Artel I Insurer 1963/05/16  
Carlo Della Torre E Tasso Owner 1989/06/24  
Gerardo Broggini Lawyer 1998/06/27 2007/04/28
Doctor Giovanni Perissinotto Managing Director 2001/04/28 2012/07/20
Mario De Benedetti Owner 1992/06/27 1995/04/26
Borletti Senatore Industrialist 1963/05/16  
Count Aldo Rossini Di Valgrande Barrister 1963/05/16  
Alberto Pecci Entrepreneur 1995/06/24 2004/04/24
Antonio Ratti Industrialist 1993/06/04  
Paolo Biasi Entrepreneur 1995/06/26 2004/04/24
Dr Johann Henrich Martin Kohlhaussen Banker 1999/04/30  
Prince Marcantonio Pacelli Barrister 1963/05/16  
Giusto Murrati Engineer 1963/05/16  
Faina Count Carlo (Vice Chairman)Industrialist 1963/05/16  
Count Ettore Conti Di Verampio Industrialist 1963/05/16  
Ugo Cappelletti Engineer 1963/05/16  

Other directors
Simon Gazeley (Ilkley, age 43)