The database includes a single officer called Charles Theodore Kyzer. Born in February 1946 Charles Theodore Kyzer is 71 years old. We located 5 filings mentioning Charles. Examples of these filings include an annual return category filing filed on the 1st of February 1993, an accounts filing filed on the 18th of October 1993, and "an annual return" category filing filed on the 31st of January 1994. This American national has held one position so far - at Bechtel Limited (address: 11 Pilgrim Street, London, SW13 9NG, London) as a director. This director worked with: Clifford George Mumm in Bechtel Limited, Douglas Alan Erricker in Bechtel Limited, John David Wing, Lindsey Martyn Holbrook, Robert Baxter. Charles Theodore was appointed for the position of director at Bechtel Limited on the 31st of December 1992. The company started its operations on the 28th of March 1952 under the ID 361204.

Charles Theodore Kyzer, Manager from London

Former Director at:
Bechtel Limited
Occupation: Manager
Appointment Date: 1992/12/31
Resignation Date: 1994/12/05
Address: 11 Pilgrim Street

United Kingdom
Date of Incorporation: 1952/03/28
Name: Charles Theodore Kyzer
Date of Birth: February 1946
Age: 71
Nationality: American
Address: London
SW13 9NG
Update: 2016-10-25
Work History
Company name Role From To
Bechtel Limited director 31 December 1992 5 December 1994
Bechtel Limited
Incorporation date: 1952-03-28
Category: Private Limited Company
Address: 11 Pilgrim Street

United Kingdom
Standard Industrial Classification: 42990 - Construction of other civil engineering projects n.e.c.
71129 - Other engineering activities
Filings (free download)
Name Occupation From To
Bechtel Limited
Clifford George Mumm Manager 1994/12/05 2001/04/17
Douglas Alan Erricker Manager 1994/12/05 1995/12/01
John David Wing   1992/12/31 2003/12/08
Lindsey Martyn Holbrook Manager 1992/12/31 2001/10/15
Robert Baxter Manager 1994/01/19 1996/05/23
Michael James Carpenter Manager 1992/12/31 1995/12/21
Anthony John Clayton Manager 1992/12/31 1994/05/31
Donald Joseph Gunther Company Management 1992/12/31 1995/12/31
Lord Robert Haslam Company Chairman 1992/12/31 1995/01/31
Maximilian Joseph Lidl Manager 1992/12/31 1993/08/20
John Neerhout Jr Engineer 1992/12/31 1996/09/19
Paul Stuart Tholan Manager 1993/08/17 1995/10/04
Kenneth Turnbull Manager 1992/12/31 2000/07/01
Alan Christopher Walker Engineer 1992/12/31 1994/11/24